Let’s Connect meetings

When? -Second Thursday of each month from 11am – 2pm

Where? – Arts Centre Hounslow, 1st Floor, Treaty Centre, Hounslow

What? – These are free monthly Network meetings for all members to connect up and have a tea/ coffee & light lunch as well as share and initiate things they would like to do.  Speakers are also invited to talk to our members about services or activities that are going on in the local area, that might be of interest to them. It’s a connecting place and a trigger point for socialising with others and all are welcome if you are over 18 years. The members will shape the direction of the Network and together we can reach out to those who may be isolated in the community as well. The idea is that we will all improve our wellbeing by making human social connections and strengthen out community together.

It is also an exchange of ideas and we hope also social and fun!!